What is the Career Pathways Web Tool?

The Career Pathways Federal initiative is utilized across the country, helping to expand continuing education opportunities for students.  Colleges, partnering with State workforce organizations, create specific Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs that offer pathways to high-demand careers.  These careers not only help students, but they improve the workforce in your community, which helps everyone!

We helped create the Career Pathways Web Tool so that prospective learners can better understand the Career Pathway Programs offered in your state.  The Web Tool is used to create “Roadmaps” that provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of your state’s Career Pathways Programs.  This allows students to see their desired degree and/or certification path before embarking on their journey to a career.

The Web Tool also comes with usage and reporting features that help you know which Career Pathway Roadmaps students are looking at.  When it comes to making planning decisions, it is important to have data on what students are interested in.  The Web Tool helps make this a lot easier!   

Our goal is to help make it easier for students to understand their education before they spend money by providing you with the tools needed to visually display your Career Pathway Programs.

Feel free to contact us to learn why the Career Pathways Web Tool is currently being used in states across the nation.

Prospective student looking at an Accounting Career Pathway Roadmap
Prospective student looking at an Accounting Career Pathway Roadmap

How does the Web Tool work?

The Career Pathways Web Tool was created as an open-source web resource that helps facilitate the following:

  • Creation of Roadmaps which are visual workflows of your Career Pathway Programs
  • Career Pathway Program Roadmap design standardization
  • Roadmap version control
  • Collaboration among School, State, and Workforce groups who are responsible for your Career Pathways Programs
  • Gathering of Roadmaps usage statistics
  • Gathering of Web Tool usage statistics

If you decide to use the Web Tool, we will create a customizable version of the Career Pathways Web Tool for your school or organization. Those responsible for the creation of Roadmaps sign into the Web Tool to build Roadmaps for each of the Career Pathway Programs you offer.

There is no limit to the number of Roadmaps you can create!

Once you have a Roadmap created, the Web Tool provides options on how that Roadmap can be seen by the public:

  • An HTML web page with its own URL
  • A PDF that you can upload to your school or organization website
  • Javascript code which can be embedded on existing web pages in your school’s website

Our Roadmaps are ADA Compliant and can be easily converted to text-only versions by students viewing them.

Roadmap builder interface
Roadmap builder interface

Please contact us if you would like to know more about how the Career Pathways Web Tool can help improve your Career Pathways Program!